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Mercedes-Benz Service and Repair Care at Dana Point Foreign Car

Dana Point Foreign Car Service is committed to the highest quality services for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. We are open Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm. Complimentary vehicle pick up and delivery within our service area and shuttles from or to your home/office are provided as transportation from and to our service facility.

We have worked diligently since 1964 to maintain our great reputation and we are committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Schedule an appointment today for your Mercedes-Benz service or repair needs. Either by phone or you can come by our service facility to meet with us in person to discuss your Mercedes repair service needs.

Mercedes-Benz Preventative Maintenance

Here at Dana Point Foreign Car Service we strive to maintain Mercedes vehicles to the highest quality. What that means to us is we will advise you on the best course of action for what repairs are absolutely needed for your cars safety, repairs that will prevent larger problems from happening when engine components malfunction and minor wear and tear problems that should be addressed in the near future. Providing you with the best methods of car care maintenance and affordable prices is our way of showing that we care about you and your car.

Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Maintenance

Our Master Technicians are experts in Mercedes service and maintenance, whether it's a 30,000 mile service or a 90,000 mile service your car is in great hands. You will feel better knowing your Mercedes is running great and as reliable as the day you bought it. Because a well maintained Mercedes is a happy Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Service and Repair

Dana Point Foreign Car's mentality for car care is different from most repair shops you will encounter. We focus on maintenance rather than repair. This might sound strange because generally you will hear these two terms interchanged and not clearly described. Repair is done after a component failure has occurred, maintenance means maintaining your car and servicing it before a failure or even catastrophic failure has occurred. Maintenance is generally always cheaper than repair. It is far less costly and easier to maintain a vehicle than it is to replace it.

A well-maintained car is more reliable, safer and has a much higher resale value than those that have not been well-maintained. Your personal safety and vehicle's reliability are our two top concerns. We always follow Mercedes factory scheduled maintenance to make sure your vehicle is running reliably and safely. With our maintenance inspections you can rest assured that we will help you avoid costly repairs and keep your Mercedes running perfectly.

Mercedes-Benz Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs come in many sizes, from extremely minor to more complex than you can imagine. Your Mercedes vehicle's electrical system is very complex but with our expert Master Technicians your Mercedes is in great hands. Do not settle with a non-functioning radio, antenna, power windows, or any other electrical malfunction when our Master Technicians can diagnose and repair the issue quickly and efficiently.

Mercedes-Benz Transmission Service and Repair

Dana Point Foreign Car Services offers the highest quality transmission service and repair. Our qualified Master Technicians are fully experienced with Mercedes transmission and will handle all of your Mercedes transmission problems, from minor services to rebuilds/replacements. We guarantee the highest quality repair and service for your Mercedes vehicle’s transmission.

Mercedes-Benz Brake Repairs and Mercedes-Benz ABS Brake Repairs

Your Mercedes deserves the very best and at Dana Point Foreign Car Service that's what we provide. Our experienced Master Technicians are expertly qualified to services your German Manufactured Mercedes vehicles. Mercedes ABS brakes are high performance brakes that need the utmost attention to detail that only an experienced Master Technician can offer. You can have absolutely confidence that your Mercedes braking system will be maintained and cared for to the highest standard. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light

Check Engine lights can sometimes seem completely random. What they mean is your Mercedes vehicle is telling you it's time to take it in for a quick scan and maybe a servicing before a minor problem becomes a major one. You can count on our Master Technicians to scan your car correctly and quickly letting you know what is going on with your vehicle.

Questions about your Mercedes-Benz

We've serviced thousands of Mercedes vehicles since 1964 and have had the pleasure to get to know many dedicated Mercedes owners. We know you love your Mercedes and want to know your Mercedes gets the best care. Please feel free to ask us any questions about your Mercedes. We appreciate the chance to explain anything you would like to know and further your knowledge about your amazing Mercedes. You will always receive correct and accurate answers from our qualified Master Technicians.

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